Caring For Your Elderly Dog

Once your dog enters the senior years, its time to take some preventative steps in order for them remain happy, healthy and active. Have your vet examine your pet annually or more often, if necessary.

Weight Managementdog arthritis and joint pain review

  • Keep your dogs weight within the proper or optimum range. An overweight dog has far more health related issues such as joint problems, arthritis, diabetes and liver or kidney malfunctions.
  • Cut down on the amount of treats given to your pet. It is hard to resist their puppy eyes but always remember that it is for their own good. You do not want to harm your pets health by thinking you are being kind.
  • Feed your pet once a day or smaller amounts twice a day. Never allow your pet to free feed.
  • Potato chips & french fries are not dog friendly foods!  If you have young children, explain to them why they should not sneak food to their furry friend under the dinner table!

Fresh Drinking Water

  • As with dogs of any age, make sure there is always and adequate supply of fresh, cool water available.
  • Some older dogs have problems getting to the water bowl so either take the water to them or place bowls of water in several different places so they do not have to go far for a drink.


  • Take your dog for a short daily walks. This helps the dog’s blood circulation and provides some new sights and smells to stimulate their senses.
  • Also its good for the owner mental and physical well-being too! Allows you a little extra quality time to spend with your aging pet.

Food Types

  • You may need to switch from dry dog food to a moist or canned food as your dog ages.  Your dogs teeth may not be able to handle the hardness of a dry kibble.
  • Always feed your dog a quality pet food. It can be overwhelming by the different types of pet food so get your vets recommendation if needed.

And remember, looking after your older dog and taking him/her to the vet regularly helps keep them healthy and happy a little longer. Our beloved furry four legged pets depend on us!

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Cheers To A Healthy Happy Long Dog Life!

-Lucy Lee

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